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We are Agrovisio

In the next 35 years, the global population will increase by 35%, while to meet with ever increasing demand, we need to find ways of increasing our agricultural production by almost 100%.

Our story started when we gathered our team to propose solutions to this problem. Founded in December 2017, Agrovisio is working to make agriculture more sustainable, predictable and scheduled.

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With our services ranging from field scale to national scale, we protect
your hard work and your investments.

Crop Detection and Classification

We detect cultivated lands, identify crops and obtain development information of the crops mid-season.

Crop Development Monitoring

We monitor crop development weekly via satellite imagery, and provide accurate and relevant information for the crop, the field and the region.

Crop Damage Detection and Assessment

We detect damages and deficiencies in crop development and enable damage mitigation via relevant satellite imagery and information.

Yield and Productivity Forecasting

We detect yield from farm scale to national scale, thus help you to give strategic decisions with confidence.

Soil Based Classification

We understand the soil and its farming potential well. Thus, we are able to classify the soil according to productivity, agricultural risk or irrigation characteristics.

Risk Management

We help eliminating factors that prevent predictability and plannability in agriculture and we ensure financial and crop risks to be predictable and manageable.

A sustainable, predictable and scheduled agriculture is possible with Agrovisio.

Do agricultural commodity prices fluctuate much?

The way of decreasing risks passes from detecting and classifying crops on the fields. Using satellite imagery and deep learning, Agrovisio classifies crops mid-season for you. By this means, it will be possible to manage your risks, make your deals and confirm your financial models.

How much will the wheat yield be this year?

There is 48 Million 626 Thousands of square kilometers of agricultural land across the globe. How well does the statistics reflect up-to-date agricultural data? With Agrovisio, it is possible to get information much beyond current practices, with field scale detail. Now, productivity potential of the soils, risks associated to soils and crops, yield estimations from field scale to national scale is at your disposal.

Is it possible for me to know my fields and my crops better?

When we look at the satellite imagery, we seek the information much more than meets the eye, the information hidden on the fields and within the crops.

Did I water my fields enough? Why do I regularly get less yield in some areas? What should I do to make better decisions about my crops? How well my fields perform against other farmers in my region? With Agrovisio, it is possible to get answers to these questions and many more.

We fit 2 prizes and tens of news appearances into a single year.

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Our Team

It was 2015, when our team first gathered with the discovery of a digital transformation demand in agriculture. Agrovisio, on the other hand, is founded in December 2017. Starting with 6 team members, our journey continues with 10 team members having expertise in computer vision, machine learning, remote sensing, plant nutrition and soil science plus our advisors, who guide us through our journey.

Our Advisors

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